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Kai is home!
Update about the harrowing situation of the Kristiansen family in Norway.

Homeschooled Boy Tackled by Police
February 14, 2019: What should have been a happy homecoming to Norway for Leif and Terese Kristiansen turned into a parent’s worst nightmare when the child welfare agency brutally removed their son, Kai, after they started homeschooling.

Under International Pressure, Norway Reunites Seized Children With Family
June 6, 2016: The Bodnariu family’s ordeal ends, but advocates vow to keep fighting for reforms.

Norway Returning Stolen Children
June 3, 2016: Global outcry is reuniting a family ripped apart by the Norwegian government.

Four Empty Beds: Norway Still Refuses to Return Bodnariu Children
May 10, 2016: Norway’s reputation as a leader in human rights is at stake. Hear the heart-wrenching story directly from Marius and Ruth Bodnariu to find out why.

Children Seized in Norway, Parents Begging for Help
April 12, 2016: A Norwegian couple’s children were taken by the government because they were being raised according to Christian values. Join HSLDA in helping to re-unite the family.

Conference Attracts International Speakers
February 20, 2014: The Norwegian Homeschool Association held a conference entitled "Home Education: Mainstream Tomorrow" at the University of Oslo.

State Pressures Family to Enroll 3-Year-Old in Preschool
June 11, 2012: HSLDA helped close a social services investigation that was launched after a family withdrew their son from a voluntary preschool program.

2012 Christian Homeschool Conference in Norway
May 14, 2012: Register before May 25 to attend a great conference in southern Norway with speakers Curt and Sandra Lovelace! (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Family Meets with Local School Official
October 3, 2011: Homeschoolers provide an update on the Ketterling family’s situation in Norway.

Norway: Homeschoolers Meet for Encouragement
September 30, 2011: A Christian homeschool conference was held in Finsland, Norway, on 4 June 2011. God blessed the conference in many ways.

Out-of-School Education
September 27, 2011: This special issue of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE), a journal of interest to homeschool advocates, focuses primarily on home education.

Updated: Family Threatened by Child Protective Services
August 25, 2011: Local officials are threatening a homeschool family living in rural Norway with Child Protective Services.

Norway: Royal Family Homeschools
June 6, 2011: Homeschooling in Norway is growing steadily thanks to a favorable legal climate and supportive national homeschool association.

Homeschooling Conference Encourages Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Homeschoolers
August 10, 2010: Last month, an international homeschooling conference held in Telemark, Norway allowed the presidents of three Nordic homeschool associations to meet for the first time.

Home Education in Norway
After two families pioneered the Norwegian homeschooling movement in the early 1990s, home education in Norway is now legal and growing.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Law: 6-16
Children ages 6 and older are required to have primary and lower secondary education, which lasts for 10 years.

Legal Status of Homeschooling:
§ 2-1 in Norway’s Education law states that education can be “otherwise.” Education otherwise is in private schools or home education. Families may begin homeschooling after they notify local school authorities of their intent to do so. Local school authorities are by law obligated to supervise home education. The most common method of supervision is through semi-annual evaluations, which usually take place at the public school or at another public location. Local school authorities may, if they wish, administer relevant achievement tests. The law states that supervision must be “in agreement with the parents.” While a homeschooled child does not have an automatic right to a diploma, some schools let homeschooled children sit for the 10th year exams and will issue a diploma.

Estimated number of homeschoolers: 400

 Contact Information

NHUF - Norsk hjemmeundervisningsforbund
Norwegian Homeschooling Association

Last Updated: January 1, 2016