360x240-kenya-flagCompulsory Education Age

Basic and secondary education are compulsory, beginning at age 4.

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

More than 400 families

Legal Status

Homeschoolers currently take the position that homeschooling is not specifically addressed in the law. The umbrella group, the East Africa Christian Home-educators (EACH) is engaged in preliminary discussions on the legislation of homeschooling. In addition, the Alternative Education Policy recognizes non-formal education. Homeschoolers in Kenya ask, “Please pray that our government recognizes and endorses homeschooling in Kenya - that parents can freely exercise their right to educate their children.

Contact Information

Elimu Nyumbani
POC: Mary Muriuki, Director
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254-2-0721925530

East Africa Christian Home-educators (EACH)
Email:  info@eachomeschoolers.net
Tel: +254 717 900069
POC: Liz Gitonga
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