360x240-china-flagCompulsory Education Age

All children who have reached the age of six shall enroll in school and receive compulsory education for the prescribed number of years, regardless of sex, nationality or race. In areas where that is not possible, the beginning of schooling may be postponed to the age of seven. The state shall institute a system of nine-year compulsory education.

Legal Status

The Compulsory Education Law states that the community, schools, and families shall safeguard the right to compulsory education of school-age children and adolescents, and compulsory education is defined as attending a school which is holding a schooling license granted by the government. Therefore, homeschooling is deemed to be illegal. The law does not apply to non-citizen children who hold foreign passports. The authorities of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipality directly under the central government shall decide on measure to promote compulsory education, in accordance with the degrees of economic and cultural development in their own localities. Homeschooling is encouraged by Singapore missionaries. Homeschooling in Shanghai and Beijing is a risk and must be commenced underground. Expatriates may find it easier to homeschool than nationals.

You can find more information on the regulations on compulsory education in China from the Ministry of Education Primary and Secondary School Enrollment Notice and the General Office of the State Council on Further Strengthen the Control of Schools Notifying the State Council of the Promotion of the Level of Compulsory Education

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