360x240-malaysia-flagCompulsory Attendance Age

7-12 years old

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

100+ families

Legal Status

Home schooling is a relatively new concept in Malaysia, but it is legal. Although the Education (Amendment) Act 2002 has made it mandatory for parents to enroll their children in a primary school for six years, the Minister of Education has the discretion to exempt any pupils from this compulsory education. Although the Education Act of 1996 (Act 550) made primary education compulsory, several homeschool parents met with the Minister of Education to clarify the effect on homeschoolers. The Minister stated that fines for not sending children to school only apply to parents or guardians who neither send their children to school nor educate them in any way at home. Though homeschoolers can apply for school exemption from the ministry of Education, stringent regulations have developed that often prevent families from obtaining official approval. Parents can apply for exemption if their child is exceptionally gifted intellectually, physically disabled, the available schools are not able to meet this need, or, if the family members travel abroad frequently. Parents must ensure that the home-schooled children follow the national syllabus. 

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