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Compulsory Education Age

6–16 years old.

Legal Status

Although the Peruvian Constitution protects the rights of families, homeschooling is uncommon. Additionally, in Peru there is no possibility that an education received outside of a school or other formal education program could result in any official degree or title.

Article 6 states that it is the obligation and right of parents “to nourish, educate, and provide security” for their children, and Article 13 gives parents the right “to choose educational centers and to participate in the educational process.”

Education is further governed by Law N° 28044, Ley General de Educación (July 29, 2003). Article 5 states, “Parents or their substitutes have a duty to educate their children and the right to participate in the educational process and to choose the institutions in which they are educated, according to their convictions and beliefs.” This is interpreted by families to mean that parents may educate their children at home.

There is also the precedent of the Adventist School "Unión" in Lima, which in 2014 received an official authorization from their local school authorities to enroll homeschooled students and to certify their studies.

One caveat is that if a Peruvian family wishes to make use of the means mentioned in the law, they are well advised NOT to inquire at the local school authority (UGEL). Most of their officials are completely uninformed about these possibilities and will tell them that the option to homeschool does not exist. Certification and validation of independent learning is mostly done by the "alternative schools" (CEBA, Centro de Educación Básica Alternativa), i.e. evening and weekend schools. So the knowledgeable people in this area are the principles of CEBAs, correspondence schools, and other schools who are open to homeschooling families, such as the above mentioned Adventist school.

The above text (with minor editing) is taken directly from OLASE - Observatorio Latinoamericano de Aprendizajes sin Escuelas

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