360x240-poland-flagCompulsory Education Age

6-18 years old

Number of Homeschoolers

Over 6000 families

Legal Status

Homeschooling is legal. Article 37. (Parts 1-8) of the Polish Educational Law Act states that parents may apply for permission to homeschool from a public or non-public school director within the region the family lives in. The Act in the mentioned article and the in the Art. 40.3. and 41.1.1). also enumerate the general conditions for homeschooling, and among them the parents’ necessity of presenting to the director along with some other documents an opinion by the regional public psychological-educational consultancy office (the urge that doesn’t concern any other parent in Poland). Although the constitution of Poland guarantees the right of the parents to choose for their children different schools than public ones, the Act limits the freedom. Article 37., point 1. stipulates that the director has the right to allow a child to fulfill the kindergarten duty (for children at the age of 6-7), school duty (7-15) or educational duty (15-18) outside respectively of school or kindergarten. Such a child (excluding the child in kindergarten age) can receive school yearly and final certificates after having passed the appropriate exams of this particular school (if not count the common exams at the end of primary and secondary schools). This regulation might generate two types of problems for the home schoolers: first, they have to pass exams once a year, while other pupils who are enrolled do not have to, and second, the lack of detailed regulations allows the headmaster to arbitrary set his own rules. On the other hand, the headmaster makes his decision once only at the beginning of the homeschooling by the given family (and for the rest of the given schooling cycle) by allowing the pupil to be homeschooled and the school council by examining if he fulfilled the task. The director is also unable to interfere in the teaching process.

The authorization for homeschooling may be withdrawn on the request of parents, or if the child did not attempt to pass the exam or failed it.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Education (September 2018) today there are about 11, 000 homeschoolers (in absolute numbers) in Poland, and this is some 0,2% of the total number of students there. In the group only a few families are of foreign origins, and sometimes they are refugees from neighboring countries where homeschooling is illegal. The reasons among Polish parents for choosing homeschooling are typical, i.e. comparable to the ones in other countries.

Contact Information

Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Domowej
Polish Association for Home Education
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Stowarzyszenie Edukacji w Rodzinie
Association of Education in the Family
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