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Compulsory Education Age

7–15 years old

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

2,000 families

Legal Status

Homeschooling is legal in Indonesia. It is regulated under National Education System 2003 under division of informal education, which gives parents the right to select how to educate their child. This enables children being homeschooled to take a national exam to obtain an “equivalent certificate”. Homeschooling is becoming a trend in upper and upper-middle class families with highly educated parents who have the capability to provide better tutoring, and in expatriate families living far away from an International School.

In May 2007 the Department of Education published a manual detailing the requirements for homeschooling. The manual asks homeschools to register and requires testing at certain levels, but currently there is no enforcement of these requirements. Homeschoolers are not automatically awarded high school diplomas, so entrance into university may be difficult.

Contact Information

Klub Sinau

Home Education Support Group

Location: Sidoarjo, East Java

Jakarta Homeschool Club