360x240-czech-republic-flagCompulsory Attendance Age

6-15 years old

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

2,100 children

Legal Status

According to the new Education Act, compulsory education may also be observed in the form of individual/home schooling, performed without the pupil’s regular attendance of classes. Based on a written application by a legal representative of the pupil, a permit for individual schooling is given by the headteacher of the school where the pupil was admitted observing his/her compulsory education. Home schooling is only permitted for pupils at the primary level of education, but it has been pilot-tested at lower secondary level since the 2007-2008 school year. The child has the same rights to the use of teaching aids as other pupils, may participate in school events, while the course of his/her individual education depends on agreement with the leaders of the school, provided that legal conditions are observed. The school offers methodological assistance to parents (working out the curriculum and choosing textbooks), organizes meetings with parents, keeps records on the pupil and invites the pupil twice a year for testing.

Children may be educated individually by persons who have completed their secondary education, which usually means parents or, less commonly, grandparents. It is also possible to hire a teacher. Some families opt for traditional didactic approaches while others make use of the opportunity to teach at home “in a different manner”, understanding education as a matter of lifestyle. An important influence on the form of home schooling is that of shared experience among families supported by the Association for Home Schooling.

The reasons why families choose to home school vary. There may be a problem with the accessibility of the school, bad experience of schools or groups of children on the part of the parents, lifestyle or religious belief, concern for the child, the child’s disability, efforts to protect the child from social or health risks, or distrust. Although parents who choose home schooling are usually satisfied with the experience, it is a rather marginal alternative in the Czech Republic.

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