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Compulsory Education Age

6–17 years of age

Legal Status

Article 68 of the Uruguayan Constitution states each parent has the right to choose the teachers or schools relative to their child's education. In 2009 Article 7 Section 2 of the LGE called into question whether “home schooling” was possible in Uruguay, since it stated that “Fathers, mothers, or legal guardians of boys, girls, and adolescents have the obligation to register them in a school and watch over their attendance and learning.” But in 2020, Article 7 was amended to making homeschooling a viable option:

Initial education from four years of age, primary education and secondary education is mandatory. Parents, or legal guardians of children and adolescents, as well as students of legal age, have the duty to contribute to the fulfillment of this obligation, in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of article 70 of the Constitution of the Republic and the provisions of this law.

Contact Information

Axel Balsa Dansey

Teacher at a small independent rural area school in Colonia, Uruguay
Email: axel@pitagoras.edu.uy

Homeschooling in Uruguay

Email: uruguayhs@gmail.com