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Compulsory Attendance Age

6–17 years old 

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

Less than 100 families

Legal Status

Homeschooling is legal and expressly allowed under “On Approval of the Regulations on Individual Form of General Educational Institutions”.

Legislation introduced in September 2019 under Order 10.07.2019 m Kyiv N 955 has streamlined the registration process such that parents who wish to home educate just need a home education statement sent to the local school, after which a teacher will be assigned to assist the parents in curriculum preparations. Anyone in Ukraine may decide to homeschool, to do so they have to be associated with an educational institution and have assessments up to four times a year or this may be done by portfolio review.

Contact Information

Victor & Nadya Ovsyanik

Home Phone: +38 0472 63 37 40
Cell phone: +38 050 597 89 54
+38 098 208 19 89
SKYPE: ovsyaniks

Additional Resources

 Ukraine's New Home Education Regulations

Read a translation of the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science's most recent education guidelines, courtesy of Euro Home Ed.