Homeschooling continues to grow as a global movement while more governments recognize the right of parents to teach their children at home.

Other nations have legislation in the works to remove unnecessary barriers to home education.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Education released new regulations that recognize homeschooling as something parents may choose to do without asking for permission. Homeschooling families are required to “contract” with a public or private school for oversight, to whom they must submit student portfolios four times a year.

In the Philippines, the Ministry of Education released new guidelines expanding flexibility and freedom for families who choose home education. Previously, homeschools were required to associate with a recognized umbrella organization. The new regulations allow parents to secure a “learner registration number” which previously were only available through a limited number of recognized institutions.

Edric Mendoza, a homeschooling parent, leader, and education entrepreneur in the Philippines, said that the new regulations “increase options for families to access home education.”

Mendoza is leading an effort to host a global conference in the Philippines in November 2020 in partnership with the global Home Education Exchange Council. Learn more here.

In Mexico, a homeschooling conference in Guadalajara drew 500 attendees, reflecting the rapid growth of the movement in Latin America. It was the 10th such conference in the last 12 months.

Alberto Solano, homeschooling parent and conference organizer, said he is excited about the future of homeschooling in Mexico.

“We continue to see dramatic growth in conference attendance and interest in home education,” Alberto said.

In Taiwan, legislation passed in July that allows homeschool students to access national sports leagues without enrolling in public schools.

It also grants them equal access to college loans.

“Homeschooled students should be treated equally,” said Tim Chen, a homeschooling advocate from Taiwan. “We are excited about the way this legislation recognizes homeschooling as an equally valid educational option. This legislation also reflects the increased acceptance of homeschooling in Taiwan.”

Homeschooling is poised to grow dramatically as parents around the world seek education alternatives and more and more governments remove barriers by recognizing home education explicitly within their education laws.

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