360x240-spain-flagCompulsory Attendance Age

6-16 years old

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers

2,000 families

Legal Status

According to the Constitution and since the Ley General de Educación (1970), schooling is compulsory in Spain. The legal situation in Spain is uncertain, with legal precedent which states that while it may not be illegal, it could, under certain circumstances, be illicit because homeschooling is not recognized in the constitutional system of Spain. The biggest difficulty families face is leaving the school system as there is no established path for this process. This situation can possibly lead to legal action against the family which could result in a school attendance order, though there are families who don’t encounter such difficulties, and a small, though relatively active, homeschooling community in different parts of the country.

Contact Information

ALE - Asociación por la Libre Educación
Association for Free Education
POC: Daragh McInerney
Email:  daraghmci@hotmail.com
Phone: +34 722 349 019
Avenida de la plata 63, pta 1
Valencia 46006