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Compulsory Education Age

5–16 years old; pupils can be educated at home from 5 to 14 years old.

Legal Status

In Latvia, the law requires every child who is 5 years old to be registered at a preschool and every child who is age 7 to be registered at a school. According to the Law of Education, the Law of General Education, and the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, “education in the family” (homeschooling) is an available form of education for preschool and school (grades 1 through 8).

In order to educate a child in the family (homeschool), parents have to submit a written application to the preschool or school principal. For school grades 1 through 8, the written application must have an affirmation from parents that, because of the child’s health condition or for psychological reasons, the school is unable to provide the necessary learning conditions, and that suitable learning conditions have been created at home. One of the following must also be attached to the application: (1) a written conclusion of a health physician, or (2) a written conclusion of a psychologist.

The administration of the school determines the procedure for the implementation of the educational program and the procedure by which the teachers assess the achievements of the child during the school year. State examination for all children (including those who are homeschooled) is required in grades 3 and 6.

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