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Compulsory Education Age

6 through the completion of secondary education (Education Law Art. 19)

Legal Status

Homeschooling is legal. Homeschooling had been in the Azerbaijani tradition of education throughout the years.

In the modern history of education, this concept has not found the same popularity as it did in western societies, especially the United States. But the Education Act of 2009 (TƏHSİL HAQQINDA) established that “home education” and “individual learning” are legal forms of education (Art. 13).

Home learning is defined in Art. 1.0.16. The term “homeschooling” in Azerbaijan means organized educational programs that are “in accordance with the appropriate form of organization of general education at home” (Law on Education, MOE 2009). Parents who choose to homeschool are responsible for providing an equivalent education. Homeschooled children must demonstrate learning by taking a comprehensive exam, which is proctored by the regional representative for the Ministry of Education. Pupils will eventually receive a certificate as an officially recognized document for the next level of education.

Azerbaijani education policy strives to provide equal access to education for every child in the country, regardless of a child’s needs. However, the procedures of state financing for this kind of choice are currently being considered and worked out for future practice.