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Compulsory Education Age

Grades 1–9 or 6–15 years of age.

Legal Status

Despite legal provisions that recognize the option of homeschooling, there are no arrangements for its implementation in Kosovo. The official law is as follows.

“If the municipality estimates that a child of compulsory school age in their area is not receiving suitable education, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise, and is not the subject of permanent expulsion under the Law, it shall serve a notice in writing on the parents requiring the parents to satisfy the municipality within the period specified in the notice that the child is receiving such education whether at home or otherwise.”

Further, “[i]f the parents respond that the child is being educated outside the formal education and training system, either publicly-funded or private, the arrangements made by the parents, and the inspection arrangements, shall be subject to the approval of the Ministry, having consulted the relevant municipality” (Pre-University Law, 2011).