360x240-chile-flagCompulsory Education Age

6-17 years old

Number of Homeschoolers

Estimated number of homeschoolers is 2000.

Legal Status

Homeschooling is legal in Chile. Article 41 of the LGE, states that “A Supreme Decree issued by the Ministry of Education will regulate the way of validating knowledge developed outside the formal system, either from personal experience or the workplace, leading to levels or degrees, and how studies equivalent to primary or secondary education completed abroad will be validated.”

The above law ensures that homeschooling is permitted in Chile. The validation process for studies achieved outside the formal system is fully regulated by Supreme Decree No 2272 of 2007 and can be carried out through two mechanisms: taking a validation test or undergoing a validation process.

The validation test requires the submission of certain documents and the presentation of certificates of study that provide proof of completed courses leading to the level requested to be validated. The validation process requires a homeschooler to provisionally enroll in an educational institution designated by the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Education where he/she is to be evaluated in order to obtain a qualification for determining his /her promotion or level.

The above text (with minor editing) is taken directly from OLASE - Observatorio Latinoamericano de Aprendizajes sin Escuelas.

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