Compulsory Education Age

Children in grades 1–9, ages 6–15

Estimated Number of Homeschoolers


Legal Status

Homeschooling has been legal in Taiwan since June 24, 1999. Foreign nationals may homeschool without restriction in Taiwan. The Law for Non-School Mode of Experimental Education for Senior Secondary Education and Below (2014.11.19 hereinafter the “non-school law”) governs homeschooling. Parents must apply to the local educational authority of their household registration or place of residence to homeschool their children no later than April 30 or October 30 before the semester begins. Those who have completed homeschooling in Primary and Junior Secondary education will receive a graduation diploma from their district schools. Those who complete Senior Secondary homeschooling will receive a certificate of completion which entitles them to enter universities in Taiwan. While foreign nationals are not required to apply to homeschool their children in Taiwan, it may be in their advantage to do so if they want their homeschooling to be recognized by universities in Taiwan and abroad.

There are three types of homeschooling in Taiwan:

  • Individuals are parents who apply to teach their own kids,
  • Groups operate like co-ops sharing the same curriculum for up to 30 children, and
  • Institutions are small private schooling.

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