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Homeschool Talks - Ideas and inspiration for your homeschool

Fuel for your homeschool.

Homeschool Talks is an informative podcast about all things homeschooling. We feature exciting interviews with homeschoolers from all walks of life. Each episode is packed with practical tips, inspiring stories, and more.

Episode 20  •  Nov 26, 2018  • 

Persevering as a Single Parent: An Interview with Rep. Kim Ransom

Being a single parent comes with its challenges. But Kim Ransom, state house representative of Colorado’s 44th district, didn’t let that stop her from homeschooling her four children. Kim found the strength to be both a leader of her own home—and later, of her state. This week on Homeschool Talks, Kim shares how regardless of the circumstances, homeschooling is an option for anyone. But how can a single parent balance working full-time and homeschooling? Tune in to hear Kim’s answer to this question and more.

43:25 min.
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Episode 19  •  Nov 12, 2018  • 

How to Teach Writing—with Confidence!: An Interview with Dr. Crystal Ladwig

This week on Homeschool Talks we’re chatting with Dr. Crystal Ladwig—a special education teacher, professor, author, speaker, and homeschool mom—about teaching your kids to write. How can you teach writing with confidence? How can you encourage your child to become a continuously self-educating and self-editing writer? And why is writing so important in the first place? Tune in to hear Crystal answer these questions and more!

51:27 min.
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Episode 18  •  Oct 22, 2018  • 

How Can a Homeschool Mom Teach Everyone: An Interview with Vicki Bentley

If you’ve been homeschooling more than one child for any amount of time, you’re probably well aware of the challenges that come with teaching multiple children at once. The more children you’re teaching, the harder it is to keep everything on track and make sure every child has what he or she needs. So what’s the solution? Tune in to hear HSLDA Educational Consultant Vicki Bentley share her favorite ideas and strategies for multi-level teaching.

48:49 min.
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Episode 17  •  Oct 08, 2018  • 

How Homeschoolers Can Conquer the SAT: An Interview with Jean Burk

Many parents dread the three-letter acronym: SAT. It often seems that the College Board’s college entrance test exists only to frustrate students and break parents’ bank accounts with expensive prep courses. But Jean Burk, a homeschooling mom and author of CollegePrep Genius SAT curriculum, discovered that the SAT is not an obstacle, but rather a path to affordable college education. Learn how on this week’s Homeschool Talks.

27:48 min.
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Episode 16  •  Sep 24, 2018  • 

Homeschooling and the Future of Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Matt Johnson

When it comes to preparing your kids for the future, often your student’s intended career path will determine what skills she should focus on developing. But what if there was a skill that transcends all careers—one that helps kids succeed at whatever they end up doing? Listen now to hear homeschool grad and entrepreneur Matt Johnson explain what he thinks is the #1 most important skill, regardless of career choice—and why homeschooling is one of the best ways for kids to develop that skill.

28:52 min.
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Homeschool Talks is the successor to HSLDA's now-retired radio program, Homeschool Heartbeat. To browse the Homeschool Heartbeat program archives, click here.

About Homeschool Talks Podcast

Are you a homeschooling parent looking for practical tips on teaching your kids, or simply someone who is interested in learning more about homeschooling?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Homeschool Talks is an informative podcast about all things homeschooling. We feature exciting interviews with homeschoolers from all walks of life, and each episode is packed with down-to-earth guidance, inspiring stories, and more.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith and his wife Elizabeth, along with Michael Farris and his wife Vickie, incorporated Home School Legal Defense Association in 1983 and were the original board members. Mike grew up in Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas. Upon graduation, he entered the U.S. Navy and served for three years before attending law school at the University of San Diego. He graduated in 1972 and was admitted to practice law in the state of California shortly thereafter. He is licensed in Virginia, California, and Washington, D.C.

In 1981, Mike’s life changed drastically when he heard a radio program that introduced him to the idea of homeschooling. Mike and his wife began homeschooling one year at a time to meet the academic and social needs of their children. After several years, however, it became obvious that God had exposed the Smith family to homeschooling for many other benefits, including spiritual development and family integrity. All of Mike’s children are now grown, and three of the four were homeschooled.

When he started with HSLDA, Mike began defending homeschooling in California both in court and before the legislature. In 1987 he came to HSLDA full-time, serving as its vice president until 2001, when he became its president. In addition to serving as President of HSLDA, he also is HSLDA’s lawyer for California, Nevada, and Puerto Rico.

Mike’s favorite part of his job is going to homeschool conferences and meeting those he calls America’s greatest heroes—homeschooling moms.

Diane Kummer

Diane and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade using a variety of teaching options. Both of their children went on to college and are now well into their careers.

Diane joined the staff of Home School Legal Defense Association in 2005 to help develop HSLDA’s Homeschooling Thru High School program. As the HSLDA Consultant Program Administrator and one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, Diane regularly speaks nationwide at homeschool conferences and presents high school symposiums, sharing from her experiences and her imperfect (but real) homeschooling days! Her practical and encouraging high school seminars provide information that inspires parents to continue teaching their teens at home with confidence.

Diane enjoys writing articles (such as regular columns for HSLDA’s Home School Court Report magazine as well as articles for other publications), brochures on high school topics, and a monthly high school newsletter filled with helpful tips. She reviews new resources and provides personal consultation to HSLDA members.

Diane loves math and taught high school math classes for homeschooled students for many years. She also led a homeschool group of over 200 families, while coordinating classes and activities.

In her free time, Diane enjoys teaching ladies’ Bible studies and being involved in pro-life ministries. Having graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in business management, she enjoyed a banking career prior to starting a family and beginning her homeschool adventure.