Identity and Education: Realistic Expectations in Your Homeschool | Ep. 62

Episode 62  •  November 1, 2021  •  Interview with Missy Andrews

Join Heather Frommack (HSLDA Director of Outreach and Educational Consulting) and author Missy Andrews as they discuss some of their own experiences as homeschool moms. They’ll share some practical encouragement and advice for other parents whose identity may be wrapped up in their child’s performance in homeschool. 

Well, one thing to ask yourself is when your child gets a grade, how do you respond to that grade? Do you worry and feel less because your child didn't get an “A” in such and such subject or isn’t doing well? Are you borrowing from your child's successes or feelings of worth and value? Do you worry about their future because they didn’t get a hundred percent on their arithmetic test? Do you think that you must be a failure because they didn't get a hundred percent on their arithmetic test? These are all telltale signs that you are conflating the project with your personhood and theirs. — Missy Andrews