Teaching My Kids

What to Teach

Igniting My Child’s Love of Learning

With your personal homeschool GPS in hand, you can discover what your child is ready to learn, find curriculum that fits you both, and map out your family’s homeschool adventure. Feel free to jump in below wherever it matches with your story!

Learning Readiness Series What Is My Child Able to Learn Right Now?

Did you know it’s pretty common for parents to find that their child is on or above grade level in a certain subject, like math, but is a few years behind in some other subject, like reading or language arts?

Homeschooling lets you see your child as a whole person—where they may be at different levels academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally—and then adjust their education to fit them! In this series, you can learn how to do this and what kind of options and tools are available.

Lesson Planning SERIES Establishing A Rhythm To Your Days

Finding a rhythm for your family is what lesson planning is all about. The beauty of homeschooling is there are lots of ways to do it right. You know your family best, so choose a routine that works for you. In this series, you’ll learn how to plan out the school year, break it down by subjects and weeks, plus lots of tips for dealing with the unexpected.