report card with grades

How Do I Evaluate My Student’s Progress?

Wondering how you can know for sure that your child is learning? What tools are available to make it easier? And which tools are right for your situation? Let’s walk through these options together so you can confidently pick the tools that fit your homeschool journey right now:

  • Checklists. Rubrics. Grading. We’ll look at the differences and show you how to know what may be required by law and what options might be more age-appropriate for your child.
  • While it’s generally helpful to evaluate your child’s work and give them feedback on strengths and opportunities for growth, you don’t always have to issue a letter grade! (We’ll explain the why and when.)
  • If letter grades are required or are your choice, you can use our step-by-step guides to simplify assigning grades—whether your child is in elementary or high school.