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When homeschooling questions arise, get help in one place

One-year HSLDA membership for as little as $12/month. Become a member today to get:

  • Answers specific to your homeschool journey.
  • Protection for your right to homeschool in the courts and legislature.
  • Detailed instructions for homeschooling legally in your state.
  • Help with choosing curriculum and getting organized.
  • Caring support. No matter how many questions you have.
  • The power of 100,000+ families in your corner.
  • More time, more confidence, and more peace of mind.

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Members get trusted resources and answers for 35¢ a day.

When you have questions about the homeschool law… or if you’re feeling stuck somewhere on your homeschool journey. You don’t have to go it alone. We can help:

Getting started
I'm a little confused—how do I even begin? Can I really do this? Is this the right decision?
Understanding the law
How do I remove my son from public school? What subjects are required for homeschooling in my state?
Teaching my kids
What curriculum is good for middle-school science? What kind of records do I need to keep?
Planning high school
How do I make a transcript for my daughter? What does college prep look like for a homeschooler?
Special needs
What public school services can my child access? Where can I find resources for teaching my autistic child?
Educational Support

One-on-one homeschool coaching. 100% complimentary.

Tailored advice unique to your situation. This is not generic one-size-fits-all support. Our Educational Consultants know the ins and outs of homeschooling—specializing in getting started, learning disabilities, and high school. We have helped thousands of moms like you. No question is too difficult.

Help for the everyday parts of homeschooling. Need tips for organizing your day? Help with a challenging subject? Trying to find the right curriculum? Juggling real life and school? Looking to connect with others? Find new ideas you would never think of on your own. Get real answers to real questions.

No judgment. No worries. Just compassionate support from highly trained moms who've homeschooled their own kids and walked in your shoes. Together we’ll help you become confident in your ability to homeschool well.

Real questions we've answered for moms this past year:

  • What does a ‘typical‘ homeschool day look like?
  • What resources are there for an exceptional child?
  • If my son is really struggling in a subject, how do we catch up?
  • What can I do to prepare my daughter for high school?
  • What's the best way to track how we're doing school?
  • Are there tools to help a child who struggles with writing?
  • How do I teach high school subjects I don’t know?
  • My son has mood and sleeping disorders. Help!?
  • I’m a single parent. How do I balance work and homeschool?
  • Do you have strategies for homeschooling with autism?
Strength in Community

More support. More influence. More compassion.

Together we can do more. Hundreds of families contact us every week. Many facing hostility from school officials or discrimination from colleges and employers. Dozens more are struggling to homeschool through hard times. Will you join us in helping them? Being a member is more than support and protection for you. It’s a statement of solidarity. Together we’re making homeschooling possible for each other.

Advancing Homeschool Freedoms

  • Working with state groups to monitor homeschool laws
  • Educating local officials on what the law requires
  • Protecting the future of homeschooling
  • Defending homeschoolers through litigation when necessary
  • Supporting the efforts of local and state homeschool groups
  • Sending alerts when action is needed on legislation
  • Standing with parents at local school board meetings

Compassion Grants for Struggling Families

  • Homeschool grants for families going through hard times
  • Helping widows, single parents, military families and other low-income families afford materials and curriculum
  • Offering assistance to families teaching a child with disabilites to afford required diagnostic testing, educational therapies, and specialized equipment
  • Providing emergency relief for families recovering from natural or home disasters like fires, storms, and mold
HSLDA gives me the feeling that my family is important. Being a member feels natural as if we’re all extended family with the same goals.
David, Homeschool dad
Thank you for helping me know that whatever might come my way on our homeschooling journey that I don’t have to face it alone.
Regina, Homeschool mom

Your easiest homeschool investment.

As a member you only pay:

$130/year (or $12/month)
per family

Without HSLDA, this could cost:

  • Attorney consultation about any homeschool question $450/hr
  • Help understanding and complying with your state's homeschool law $200/hr
  • Legal representation if your homeschool is taken to court $5,000+
  • 24/7 hotline for emergency legal assistance Priceless
  • One-on-one homeschool coaching $100/hr
  • Guidance preparing transcripts and college applications $125/hr
  • Help with creating Student Education Plans for special needs $150/hr

Plus your annual membership includes:

  • A full year of The Home School Court Report magazine Included
  • Timely news about homeschooling across the country Included
  • Attorney-designed forms for submitting paperwork Included
  • Templates and how-tos for high school transcripts Included
  • Member savings from over 30 national companies Included
  • Legal analysis of the homeschool law for all 50 states Included
  • Up to $100 off HSLDA Online Academy's live courses for grades 7-12 Included

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Why our members love HSLDA

HSLDA is just a phone call away when you need them. I am much more confident in my decision to homeschool knowing this about HSLDA and having experienced their support first hand!
Dee N., Facebook
HSLDA was there for us 32 years ago when we began our homeschool journey and it was considered illegal in our state. They are still here, advocating for our grandchildren and the rights of their parents. I highly recommend membership!
Christine L, Facebook
It’s our first year of homeschooling. HSLDA has already been there to answer our questions. I feel confident knowing they’re here in case we need them!
Rachel T., Kentucky

Frequently Asked Questions

You receive a full year of all the member benefits below for far less than you would pay for an hour of an attorney’s time almost anywhere else!

Member Legal Services

From legal advice to full court representation: no matter what services are needed to help you, there are no further charges of any kind beyond your annual membership dues.

  • Get personal answers to your homeschooling-related legal questions, whether you need clarification of your state’s homeschool law or are experiencing conflict or misunderstanding with a government official.
  • Know that we will correspond on your behalf with such officials as needed. Often, a well-worded first response to an official can prevent a situation from escalating into a full-blown legal problem.
  • If your homeschooling-related situation winds up in court, you can rest assured that HSLDA provides full representation at every stage of legal proceedings. (This may require hiring local attorneys at no charge to you.)*

Member Consultant Services

Get one-on-one advice by phone or email from our pre-K–12 educational consultants at no additional charge—just the cost of your annual membership dues. The educational consultants can help you with:

  • Getting started homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling a child with special needs.
  • Planning classes and choosing curriculum.
  • Making a high school transcript.
  • And much more!

Other Member Services

Here are more services and resources our members have said they found very helpful:

  • Enjoy 24/7/365 access to our members-only online resources, including detailed information and HSLDA-designed forms to help you comply with your state’s homeschooling regulations.
  • Save money by using our specially negotiated member discounts with national vendors through the HSLDA Member Discount Program.
  • Help your budget stretch even further by using your member discounts on other HSLDA programs and services, such as the HSLDA StoreHSLDA Online Academy’s online courses, and Generation Joshua leadership camps.
  • Read the inside scoop with the Home School Court Report, our quarterly member magazine packed with homeschooling news, analysis, stories, tips, and encouragement.

* Please note that member families who choose to consult separately with a non-HSLDA attorney must do so at their own expense.

Membership dues for a family for one year are $130. One membership covers your entire family: parents/guardians and all children of whom you are the parent or legal guardian. There are no additional charges when you consult with our attorneys or educational consultants—it’s all included in your $130 dues. For special discounts and payment options that could bring your cost down to as little as 30¢ a day, see What are my membership options?

Processing generally takes 3 weeks—a bit longer during our summer/fall busy season. If you would like to have your application reviewed within 2 business days, you may expedite your application with a nonrefundable rush fee of $40. (Approval is not guaranteed.)

You will receive your membership information via email once your membership is processed.

We don’t want financial restrictions to prevent you from receiving the benefits of HSLDA membership! If you cannot afford the $130 membership dues—even with a discount or payment plan option—please consider applying for financial aid. Email us at mhm@hslda.org and we will send you a financial aid application.

Yes. All personal information is confidential—including whether or not you are a member, all contact and personal information, information about your family, and any information about legal services you have received.

HSLDA may send to you information on behalf of our partners, but we do not share your personal information with anyone.*

Read our full privacy policy.

If, after careful review, HSLDA is not able to accept your application, we will promptly notify you and will refund your membership dues (minus the rush fee, if applicable). Non-acceptance in no way diminishes your right to homeschool, and does not prevent you from reapplying in the future.

The membership application is necessary to establish HSLDA’s attorney-client relationship with you. It also gathers a minimal amount of information to ensure that we can provide you with the best representation possible in the event that you need our legal services. View our printable membership application here or start our easy online application here.

* In the rare event that HSLDA is unable to approve your application, we will promptly notify you and will refund your membership dues (minus the rush fee, if applicable). Nonacceptance in no way diminishes your right to homeschool and does not prevent you from reapplying in the future.

HSLDA’s mission is primarily to advance homeschooling rights, and this extends to helping families whose decision to homeschool subjects them to suspicions of abuse or neglect.

For example, sometimes a report to child protective services (CPS) arises from a misunderstanding about homeschooling—a neighbor may see children playing outside during school hours and think that the parents are allowing them to be truant. Whether the report indicates actual abuse is occurring or not, some CPS investigators and law enforcement personnel then insist they be allowed to interview the children and search the family’s home without a warrant. They may refuse to tell the parents the allegations against them and, if the parents are hesitant about allowing the interview or home visit, may use threats of removing the children to get the parents to comply.

We agree with what the United States Court of Appeals said in the Calabretta case: “The government’s interest in the welfare of children embraces not only protecting children from physical abuse, but also protecting children’s interest in the privacy and dignity of their homes and in the lawfully exercised authority of their parents.”

However, current CPS and judicial practice often treats child abuse investigations as an exception to traditional constitutional rules that protect children and parents from unnecessary government intervention, especially during the early stages of a CPS investigation. We assist our members in these initial contacts with CPS investigators to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected.

HSLDA’s board of directors has remained steadfast in focusing our resources on maintaining and advancing the freedom of homeschoolers from public school oversight. Therefore, the board will not allow HSLDA to use our resources to force public school districts to allow homeschool access.

HSLDA takes a neutral position when state legislation is introduced to require public school access for homeschoolers, unless the legislation would impose additional regulations on all homeschool students, not just those participating in the public schools.

Special education refers to instruction or assistance in traditional academic areas such as math, language arts, etc. Related services, on the other hand, are aids to a child—like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. These services indirectly improve a child’s ability to learn, but are separate from traditional academic curricula. HSLDA believes that parents whose children receive related services at a public school are still home educators.

Because HSLDA’s board of directors desires to focus our resources on guarding the freedom of homeschoolers from public school oversight, we cannot help homeschooled students obtain access to special education in public schools. However, HSLDA may assist member families seeking related services that have been denied because of homeschooling. We view this as a basic fairness issue, since according to the U.S. Department of Education, homeschooled students are entitled to related services in states where homeschools are considered to be private schools, but in other states, they are not. You can learn about your state’s provisions here.

In general, homeschooling only becomes an issue in a divorce case when the parents cannot agree with each other about the children’s education, and it’s typically only one of many issues over which parents disagree. It is outside HSLDA’s mission to say which parent should be able to determine how the children are educated when the parents disagree. In these cases, the judge must decide what is best for the children based on the evidence before him or her.

When a divorce occurs after the parents have joined HSLDA as a married couple, because both parents are or have been HSLDA members, we cannot ethically represent an interest contrary to either spouse, even though one may be trying to keep the other from homeschooling.

We provide a free information packet containing research on domestic and custody cases involving homeschooling, and where there is no conflict of interest, we will consult with our member’s personal attorney on homeschooling issues. Contact us to request the packet or ask about attorney consultation for your situation.

If you need to cancel your membership you may contact us by email, mail, or phone. Please include your name and membership account number in your communication and allow two (2) business days for us to process your request. Please note that members with the monthly auto-pay or annual auto-renew option must contact us at least four (4) business days before their next scheduled payment to ensure cancellation. We do not offer a refund of your membership dues.

Our mission is to make homeschooling possible, therefore we focus our efforts solely on supporting homeschooling families—that is, families who are currently homeschooling or who are withdrawing their children from public school to begin homeschooling. Transferring into public school steps beyond the scope of our mission.

It's also important to remember that every school, public or private, has the right to determine their own policy. This means it is up to the discretion of each public school district to determine what credits they will or will not accept, or whether they require prospective students to take placement tests.

HSLDA offers group and vocational discounts. If you are a member of an HSLDA Discount Group, you are eligible to claim our group discount. You may claim a vocational discount if you are a full-time pastor, full-time missionary, member of the military, or first responder (police, fire, EMT). Discounts cannot be combined. 

To claim a discount, first fill out the “Profile” section of the online application. In the next section, “Membership,” click on the drop-down menu under “Membership Discount.” Then, select the discount you are claiming. 

If you select “Member of an HSLDA Discount Group,” you will be asked to provide the six-digit code you received from your Discount Group in order to verify your eligibility for this discount. If you do not have a code, please contact the leader of your Discount Group. 

Once you have selected your discount, the pricing under “Membership Type” will change to reflect the discount. 

Click here to view a video that will walk you through this process. If you have questions, please email info@hslda.org or call 540-338-5600.