Payment Authorization

  • I authorize HSLDA to charge my indicated form of payment immediately.
  • If choosing monthly or yearly membership payments, I will provide credit card or bank account information and authorize HSLDA to set up recurring automatic payments using the payment method provided.

How My Information is Stored

  • My payment information will be securely stored by HSLDA’s payment processor. In addition to being used for recurring payments if applicable, this information may be available for payment for other HSLDA goods and services. HSLDA will never charge my stored form of payment without authorization.

Recurring Payments

Pay monthly

If choosing monthly payments, I agree:

  • To have HSLDA automatically collect payment each month.
  • My monthly payments will process on the same day of each month as my membership activation date. If my payment is set to process on a date that does not exist in a month (e.g., the 31st of February), HSLDA will process my payment on the last day of that particular month.
  • I will be unable to request cancellation of my membership until 12 monthly billing cycles have completed, unless I stop privately homeschooling.
  • Membership discounts and promotional pricing are not available with monthly payments.

Pay yearly

If choosing yearly payments, I agree:

  • To have HSLDA automatically collect payment on or about my membership anniversary each year.
  • If a membership discount is added to or removed from my member account during my membership year, I will be charged the appropriate discounted or nondiscounted amount when my membership renews for the following year.

    About My Membership

    • My membership is valid from the date it is activated by HSLDA.
    • HSLDA reserves the right to reject a membership application and the right to revoke membership if any information has been misrepresented.
    • If my application is rejected or withdrawn, HSLDA will refund my membership payment.
    • If I cancel my membership up to 1 week after activation, HSLDA will refund my membership payment. HSLDA does not guarantee a refund if I cancel my membership more than 1 week after activation.
    • Rush fees are nonrefundable.
    • HSLDA will automatically renew my membership every 12 months until I cancel.
    • If I cancel my membership at least 1 week before my renewal payment is scheduled to process, payment will be stopped. If I cancel my membership up to 1 week after renewal, HSLDA will refund my renewal payment. HSLDA does not guarantee a stopped payment or refund if I do not follow the above procedures.
    • Membership price is subject to change. HSLDA will notify me in advance of any price change and will give me the option of canceling my membership before a price change goes into effect.
    • To cancel my membership, I will follow the instructions at, or I will contact HSLDA to request cancellation and include my name and application ID or member number in any such communication.
    • Payments can only be made by credit card or by direct debit from my bank account.
    • Updates to my payment information must be made a minimum of 1 week before my scheduled payment date. I can update my payment information by logging in at using my email address on file, or by contacting HSLDA and providing my member number.
    • Membership dues are not tax-deductible.
    • Membership is not transferable.

    Legal Representation

    • I agree to contact HSLDA promptly about any threatened or legal action regarding my homeschool.
    • For as long as HSLDA continues to advocate for homeschooling, HSLDA will provide services to my family for the duration of my membership.
    • HSLDA is not an insurance company and cannot guarantee representation in every situation.
    • In keeping with HSLDA’s purpose, legal assistance to protect and advance the right to homeschool is available only if I am the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a child being taught at home.
    • Legal representation is not available in connection with any child who receives the majority of instruction through, or is enrolled full-time in, a public school or government-supported program based in the home, such as a charter school, virtual charter school, or independent study program.
    • HSLDA does not provide legal representation for members in matters involving divorce, child custody, or related domestic disputes.