About HSLDA Membership

Less stress. More time to enjoy homeschooling.

Get personalized guidance and legal protection for your homeschool.

This year, spend less time searching for answers and enjoy more time with your kids. You can be confident in your ability to homeschool well.

Any question. Any time. Anything homeschool.

Get answers specific to your homeschool journey. We can help with:

  • Getting started⎯⎯Can I really do this?
  • Understanding the law⎯⎯What is required?
  • Teaching resources⎯⎯What do I teach?
  • Planning high school⎯⎯What about transcripts?
  • Special needs⎯⎯Where do I find resources?
  • Applying for college⎯⎯Are homeschoolers accepted?
Educational Support

One-on-one homeschool coaching. 100% complimentary.

Tailored advice unique to your situation.

This is not generic one-size-fits-all support. Our Educational Consultants know the ins and outs of homeschooling—specializing in getting started, learning disabilities, and high school. We have helped thousands of moms like you. No question is too difficult.

Help for the everyday parts of homeschooling.

Need tips for organizing your day? Help with a challenging subject? Trying to find the right curriculum? Juggling real life and school? Looking to connect with others? Find new ideas you would never think of on your own. Get real answers to real questions.

No judgment. No worries.

Just compassionate support from highly trained moms who've homeschooled their own kids and walked in your shoes. Together we’ll help you become confident in your ability to homeschool well.

Strength in Community

More support. More influence. Because of you.

Together we can do more. Hundreds of families contact us every week. Many facing hostility from school officials or discrimination from colleges and employers. Dozens more are struggling to homeschool through hard times. Will you join us in helping them? Being a member is more than support and protection for you. It’s a statement of solidarity. Together we’re making homeschooling possible for each other.

Thanks to you, we are protecting homeschool freedom

  • Working with state groups to monitor homeschool laws
  • Educating local officials on what the law requires
  • Protecting the future of homeschooling
  • Defending homeschoolers through litigation when necessary
  • Supporting the efforts of local and state homeschool groups
  • Sending alerts when action is needed on legislation
  • Standing with parents at local school board meetings

You give hope to struggling families

  • Homeschool grants for families going through hard times
  • Helping widows, single parents, military families and other low-income families afford materials and curriculum
  • Offering assistance to families teaching a child with disabilities to afford required diagnostic testing, educational therapies, and specialized equipment
  • Providing emergency relief for families recovering from natural or home disasters like fires, storms, and mold
HSLDA gives me the feeling that my family is important. Being a member feels natural as if we’re all extended family with the same goals.
David, Homeschool dad
Thank you for helping me know that whatever might come my way on our homeschooling journey that I don’t have to face it alone.
Regina, Homeschool mom
Additional Resources

Everything you get with HSLDA membership.

  • Legal representation if your homeschool is taken to court Included
  • Attorney consultation about any homeschool question Included
  • Help understanding and complying with your state's homeschool law Included
  • 24/7 hotline for emergency legal assistance Included
  • One-on-one homeschool coaching Included
  • Guidance preparing transcripts and college applications Included
  • Help with creating Student Education Plans for special needs Included
  • A full year of The Home School Court Report magazine Included
  • State alerts when new legislation affects your homeschoolIncluded
  • Attorney-designed forms for submitting paperwork Included
  • Templates and how-tos for high school transcripts Included
  • Member savings from over 30 national companies Included
  • Legal analysis of the homeschool law for all 50 states Included

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