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Special Needs

Homeschooling children with special needs

How Can I Help My Struggling Learner Shine?

Homeschooling offers a truly individualized educational experience! It gives you amazing freedom and flexibility to mold curriculum and schedules to meet your child’s unique needs. Come on in and let us help you create your student’s personalized path to confident learning.

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Where are you on your special needs homeschooling journey?

Whether you are just now considering homeschooling, just coming to understand your child’s special need—or both!—feel free to jump in at any point that resonates with you below.

Can I Really Do This?

Yes, you can! Get answers to your questions and see what homeschooling looks like.

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Why Is Learning So Hard?

Identify the level/type of your child’s learning challenges, find resources, get evaluations, and choose next steps.

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How Do I Homeschool With My Child’s Special Needs?

Discover how to get started, adapt curriculum, and use tools to help your child experience success in learning!

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What About Planning, Evaluating, & Recordkeeping?

Focus on essentials: How to create your child’s own student education plan (SEP/IEP), integrate therapy, etc.

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How Do I Do High School & Beyond With Special Needs?

Tailor your student’s high school plan, transcript, diploma, and post-graduation opportunities to fit their abilities.

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