Q&A: Homeschooling Pre-K through 5th Grade | Ep. 53

Aug 9, 2021 • Krisa Winn & Rochelle Matthews-Somerville

Got questions about homeschooling in the early years? Join Rochelle Matthews-Somerville (HSLDA high school and special needs consultant) and Krisa Winn (HSLDA special needs consultant) as they answer questions about homeschooling in pre-K through 5th grade.

Questions covered include:

  • Should I hold my kid back a grade? What about skipping grades?
  • Should I create an online or physical portfolio?
  • Can I make my own curriculum, or should I buy one?
“If your kid is academically running through the books, have they faced a challenge? Have they approached anything that’s difficult? And if they haven’t, then we haven’t even taught them to persist through a challenge. So when they get to something that’s difficult, how do they deal with it? Are they going to have a tantrum? Are they going to give up? We need to teach them when something is difficult, they need to persist.” — Rochelle Matthews-Somerville

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