Q&A: Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs | Ep. 56

Sept 20, 2021 • Rochelle Matthews-Somerville & Krisa Winn

Do you have questions about homeschooling a child with special needs? Join HSLDA Special Needs Consultants, Rochelle Matthews-Somerville and Krisa Winn as they help answer your questions as well as offer encouragement and practical tips on your homeschool journey!

Questions covered include:

  • How do I create a Student Education Plan (SEP) for my child?
  • Where do I start with a child on the autism spectrum?
  • What are some of the best practices for teaching a child with dyslexia?

 “When we give support or allow for accommodations for our kids that have special needs, it's not cheating. It is helping them to show you what they know and it's helping them to take in the information in a way that they can access more easily. It's just like when we see a person in a wheelchair; we don't think they're cheating by using the ramp to get into the building. We need to help our kids to get out of the mindset that they’re cheating or that their grade has less value because they use a calculator.” — Krisa Winn

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