Tapping into Curiosity: Learning Alongside Your Child | Ep. 96

Episode 96  •  January 16, 2023  •  Interview with Nicole Jackson

Learning starts with curiosity and a sense of wonder. Approaching new things with a beginner’s mindset piques your interest and sparks your enthusiasm. Join this conversation between Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Nicole Jackson (environmental educator and birder) on how a parent and child working together presents the opportunity to learn and grow together. They’ll discuss how adventuring into nature and bird-watching gives parents and their students a chance to reciprocate learning. Exploring nature can provide you as a parent the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your child, and the amazing benefits of spending time outdoors.

[Parents and children can] work together to explore nature in a more meaningful way. And just having that understanding that you’re both in this kind of beginner mindset. Even though you’re the adult, you don't have to be in teacher mode all the time. Sometimes you’re the learner, sometimes you’re the teacher. But embrace both of those roles, [and] really start with that story of your own experiences [while] building new ones and new memories with the children that you want to engage with. —Nicole Jackson