Gifts of Homeschooling: More Family Time | Ep. 84

Sept 12 • Kelly Edwards • 1 hr

Are you curious if homeschooling is a good fit for your family? Join Sandra Kim (HSLDA’s Media Relations Director and homeschool mom) and Kelly Edwards (from 90-Minute School Day) for a conversation about one of the gifts that comes with the homeschooling lifestyle: more family time! They’ll discuss how homeschooling doesn’t have to mirror a traditional school day, and how it allows you to build closer relationships within your family.

Part of building a family culture is doing life together. If you have your children in the public school system, I can understand why you’re doing the laundry, because their schedules are so jam-packed, especially if they have extracurricular activities. But when you’re at home, you’re able to delegate and teach. So, I’m like, ‘Hey, we’re all part of the same team. We all live here; we all make the mess. And so, in our household, everybody has something to do with the laundry.’—Kelly Edwards

Show Notes:

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