Gifts of Homeschooling: Igniting Love of Learning | Ep. 86

Sept 26 • LaNissir James • 47 min

Are you wondering how to ignite your child’s love for learning? Kids are naturally curious, and homeschooling offers an amazing opportunity to foster your child’s individual curiosity. Join Sandra Kim (HSLDA Media Relations Director) and LaNissir James (HSLDA Educational Consultant) for this episode as they share how homeschooling can make learning fun, how it allows kids to pursue their unique interests, and how it even lets you share your own passions with your kids!

When they’re trying and trying and they’re not getting it, whether it be math, science, history, or English, no matter what it is that they’re not getting, sometimes you need to press the reset button. They say nobody’s on all the time. And guess what? Everything works better when you power it off and turn it back on.—LaNissir James

Show Notes:

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