Gifts of Homeschooling: Prioritizing Your Family’s Mental Health | Ep. 91

Episode 91  •  October 31, 2022  •  Interview with Carla Fuller

When your family encounters difficult mental and emotional hurdles, homeschooling can give you the flexibility to step back and recalibrate. Join Sandra Kim (HSLDA Media Relations Director) and Carla Fuller (HSLDA Educational Consultant) for a conversation about how to recognize mental health issues in your family and how to leverage the flexibility of homeschooling to help you handle mental health–related challenges.

When a child is in a more traditional learning environment, they're constantly being compared to each other. In homeschooling, you get to set an understanding of who they are.  The standard of measurement for [your child] is not necessarily that I have this exact outfit, or I wear this specific kind of makeup, but who [they are] as a person, what [they] like to read, and the ideas that [they] have.—Carla Fuller

Show Notes:

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