Homeschool Graduate’s Journey through Harvard | Ep. 95

Episode 95  •  December 5, 2022  •  Interview with Ben Porteous

Homeschool graduate Ben Porteous was a student at Harvard University when Harvard Magazine published an article calling for a ban on homeschooling—a shocking idea from a school that has historically welcomed homeschool graduates. Join Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Ben as they discuss Ben’s experience as a homeschool graduate attending the elite university. Ben shares how homeschooling fostered his love of learning languages and history, eventually earning him the honor of delivering the Latin Salutatory at Harvard's 2022 commencement.

We were shocked that Harvard Magazine would stoop so low as to present such a sort of elementary stereotype [of homeschooling]. . . . I don’t think I encountered a single negative stereotype about homeschoolers at any point in my time as a Harvard undergraduate. . . . The response of the students and the faculty was incredibly positive. —Ben Porteous

Show Notes: