Facing Public Pressure with Poise | Ep. 94

Episode 94  •  November 28, 2022  •  Interview with Claire Hungar

Handling animosity with a cool head can be extremely challenging—but it can also provide the opportunity for powerful change. Join Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Claire Hungar, a homeschool graduate and a student at Yale Law School, as they discuss her experience with facing extreme opposition and hostility—specifically at a lecture event that she hosted on the university campus last year.

It’s weird going back into the law school and seeing the faces of my classmates and remembering that they booed me out of the law school. But I think that one thing positive has come from the whole situation. I think our classmates are maybe beginning to realize that shouting down speakers doesn’t mean that their voices won’t be heard. It just means that there's no opportunity to have dialogue or engage. And I’ve been able to have some really productive conversations with some of my classmates about both that event, about events that we hosted later. —Claire Hungar

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