A Dad’s Perspective on Homeschooling | Ep. 90

Episode 90  •  October 24, 2022  •  Interview with Robert Macias

Are you a homeschool dad looking for encouragement and support? Join HSLDA President Jim Mason and blogger Robert Macias as they discuss homeschooling from a dad’s perspective. Robert shares some of his homeschooling experiences, as well as how he started a blog to help other homeschooling families navigate the early days of homeschooling.

My wife said, ‘Hey, let’s homeschool, let’s try it out.’ So, I started looking into it and I noticed that there’s lots of information [for] mothers, but I couldn’t find anything about fathers. I did a lot more research and then we started doing some lessons after I picked up my son from kindergarten—just to let him try it out. [We did] 20, 30 minutes every evening just to get him used to having me teach him.—Robert Macias

Show Notes:

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