Homeschooling in the Military: Strategies for Success | Ep. 63

Episode 63  •  November 8, 2021  •  Interview with Heather Everett

Are you homeschooling while serving in the military or as a military spouse? Join Natalie Mack (HSLDA Educational Consultant) and Heather Everett, homeschool mom and military spouse, for a conversation all about success strategies for homeschooling as a military family.

Every duty station that we go to, God has something for us there. And no matter what, we have always found community in the places that we’ve gone. And we’ve found opportunities for our lives to have impact and to be impacted in that space. And so whether it’s getting involved with co-ops and classes or meeting a friend with skills that can help our homeschool or giving of our own skills and resources to help the community around us, regardless, those are all opportunities provided by Him for us. — Heather Everett