Let’s Talk about Homeschooling in High School | Ep. 61

Episode 61  •  October 25, 2021  •  Interview with LaNissir James & Lillie Schmidt

Join HSLDA High School Consultant LaNissir James and Lillie Schmidt from HSLDA Online Academy for a conversation all about homeschooling through high school. LaNissir and Lillie will discuss what parents can look forward to in high school and share some success stories that will encourage and inspire you!

Something I loved about being homeschooled is that you could get ready for college earlier. We were looking to be college-bound, and it’s such an overwhelming experience. You have a lot of independence for the first time and you’re simultaneously trying to figure out how to learn on your own, and maybe in a way you’re not used to in a traditional school, because it’s much more structured. Whereas in homeschooling, when you get to high school, it can be a lot more like college. I remember many days when I was done by Friday morning because I had finished all of my other work because I knew how to work ahead. And that was really important in college and the transition really wasn’t hard. — Lillie Schmidt