Creating Your Family Legacy through Homeschooling | Ep. 118

Episode 118  •  August 21, 2023  •  Interview with Ainsley Arment

What will be your family legacy? For author and speaker Ainsley Arment, it starts by defining and then creating a family culture together with your kids. Join Ainsley and Jim Mason (HSLDA President) for a conversation on Wild + Free Homeschooling.

In this episode, they discuss how homeschooling is much more than an educational option—and how it can lead to some amazing connections with your children.  

I want moms to know that they’re not alone. I want them to know that if they desire to create a family culture that goes against culture and society, that they’re not alone, that they’re doing an incredible work. I want moms to feel encouraged on the days when they are tired and weary, or when they don’t feel like their efforts matter. I want to remind moms that they matter, that everything they do matters, and that they are creating an incredible legacy with the work that they’re doing, day-to-day. — Ainsley Arment 

Show Notes: