A Hands-On Approach to Learning Civics | Ep. 88

Oct 10 • Joel Grewe • 45 min

Imagine you are the President of the United States embroiled in a stand-off with a rival global superpower. What would you do? In this episode of Homeschool Talks, Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Joel Grewe (HSLDA Action Executive Director) discuss how Generation Joshua, HSLDA Action’s teen civics program, gives high school students the opportunity to learn about politics and government—through in-depth political simulations. Grewe also shares stories (both humorous and insightful) from his experiences as a homeschool student and a homeschool dad.

Honestly, a lot of students in America today, and frankly, a lot of people, are downright uncomfortable having a conversation with someone they’ve never met. I don’t find it terribly comfortable still, and I’ve been doing it for years; but it’s a skill that should be learned. Because at a certain point, as we grow up, we’re going to find ourselves in a place where we have to advocate for ourselves, for our family, and for our children.—Joel Grewe

Show Notes:

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