Homeschooling as Resistance and Healing for Black Families | Ep. 65

Nov 29, 2021 • Dr. Cheryl Fields-Smith

Join Jim Mason (HSLDA Vice President of Litigation and Development) and education professor Cheryl Fields-Smith for a conversation about the emergence of homeschooling in the black community. Their interview covers some common reasons black families are choosing to homeschool, Dr. Fields-Smith’s work researching stories of black homeschoolers, and why Dr. Fields-Smith sees homeschooling as a form of resistance and healing for black families.

To have single black women who are foregoing a regular income into their home, sometimes at the point where they have to go into subsidized housing in order to homeschool, that is a huge sacrifice to me. I mean, it just made me pay attention. — Dr. Cheryl Fields-Smith

Show Notes:

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