Economics and Human Flourishing | Ep. 87

Oct 3 • David Bahnsen • 38 min

Are you looking for a substantive and comprehensive economics course for your homeschooled high school student? Join HSLDA President Jim Mason in a conversation with economist, writer, and educator David Bahnsen. Bahnsen is the founder of the Bahnsen Group, a national private wealth management firm. In this discussion, David highlights the need for pre-collegiate economics education and provides details about a free course he developed that is perfect for high school!

It comes down to a belief in incentives. I don’t believe human beings need very many incentives to consume. . . . Production is the part that requires incentive. And I think in production . . . is the heart of what we’re going for, that mankind finds internal satisfaction in being a producer and is driving economic growth by doing so.—David Bahnsen

Show Notes:

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