The Homeschool Roots of Blimey Cow | Ep. 82

Jun 6 • Josh Taylor • 58 min

Have you ever watched a Blimey Cow video on YouTube? Join Generation Joshua’s Deputy Director Jeremiah Lorrig in a fascinating conversation with Blimey Cow co-founder Josh Taylor as they discuss the emergence of the hugely popular Blimey Cow YouTube channel and the homeschool roots that contributed to its success. Josh also reveals exciting details about their new project Homeschool With Us, which aims to directly serve the homeschooling community.

If you notice that your kid wants to do something or is interested or excited about something, regardless of how silly or ridiculous it seems, just have at it. . . . No matter how ridiculous it seems or unfeasible or whatnot, just let them do whatever it is that that you can tell makes them feel alive and join them in it. Show excitement and pride that they’re working on it.—Josh Taylor

Show Notes:

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