Homeschooling and the Arts: Filmmaking | Ep. 117

Episode 117  •  August 14, 2023  •  Interview with Ian Reid

At 13 years old, Ian Reid was a homeschool student in Northern Idaho, creating fun videos as a hobby with his friends. That hobby inspired him to name his future company that year, which he now runs full-time, directing projects for clients across the US. In this episode, Ian (founder of Distant Moon) joins Jeremiah Lorrig (Deputy Director of HSLDA’s Generation Joshua) to discuss how homeschooling provided the opportunity to foster creative skills. They also chat about Ian’s latest project—an online civics course.

I think if you homeschool, you have the opportunity to dive into these things at the level to which you personally feel driven. If you are driven to become someone who understands how to tell stories … dive into history, dive into philosophy, dive into theology, and study what has come before you, because only then will you understand how you, as a human being, can participate in the great tradition of storytelling. — Ian Reid

Show Notes: