Homeschool Grad, Self-Taught Motion Designer | Ep. 97

Episode 97  •  January 23, 2023  •  Interview with Jake Bartlett

It all started with an old DV camera and CGI lightsabers. As a kid, Jake Bartlett’s parents were excited about his interests and encouraged him in his desire to learn motion design and videography. Now, he teaches motion design to his 100,000+ YouTube subscribers! Join Daniel Heffington from Generation Joshua for a conversation with this homeschool grad—they’ll talk about Jake’s homeschool experience, how it gave space for creative expression and following his passion, and how he built a career in motion design.  

I feel like I at least was able to have a lot of freedom in exploring what I was interested in. Being [homeschooled and] the only student in the house, I could finish school and then spend whatever creative time I wanted, making videos, learning more about editing or you know, how to compose a shot on my little mini DV camcorder. —Jake Bartlett

Show Notes: