Adventures in Homeschooling a Gifted Student | Ep. 115

Episode 115  •  May 29, 2023  •  Interview with Casey Amarnek

He hadn’t even turned 1 before she realized he was gifted.

As a toddler, Casey Amarnek’s son displayed a remarkable understanding of letters and words—even before he was speaking. Having firsthand classroom experience as a public school teacher, Casey decided that the flexibility and customization of homeschooling was just what her son needed. And the result has been life-changing for both of them.

Join Casey and Daniel Heffington (HSLDA’s Generation Joshua) as they discuss the blessings and adventures of homeschooling—and how HSLDA Compassion was able to come alongside Casey in her homeschool journey.

There’s going to be hard days. There’s going to be easy days. There will be a whole lot of fun along the way. And just look for the good, because it will all end up coming together at the end. — Casey Amarnek

Show Notes: