Let’s Play Ball! Homeschool Baseball Is a Thing | Ep. 57

Episode 57  •  September 27, 2021  •  Interview with Jeff Roberts and Micah Davis

Are you worried that homeschooling might limit your student’s opportunities for sports? Join HSLDA President, Mike Smith, Jeff Roberts (President of the Homeschool World Series Association), and HWSA Alumni Micah Davis for a great conversation all about baseball for homeschoolers! They’ll discuss how HWSA is coordinating high school- and varsity-level baseball competitions for homeschool students throughout the US.

“I didn’t know homeschool baseball was that big of a thing. And I also didn’t know just how competitive it could get. I’m a pretty competitive guy at times, and that was matched by a lot of our opponents. There were a lot of really good teams out there which if you didn’t know were a homeschool team, you would think were a really good public school team. Explore your options and see what's out there for you, because there can end up being a lot more than you think.” — Micah Davis