Preparing Your Children for the World | Ep. 66

Episode 66  •  December 6, 2021  •  Interview with Wil & Meeke Addison

Join Jim Mason (HSLDA Vice President of Litigation and Development) as he chats with Wil and Meeke Addison of American Family Radio about their homeschool journey. They’ll discuss common misconceptions about homeschooling, hot-button cultural issues relating to education, and how Wil and Meeke went from being college campus missionaries to radio show hosts.

What we found really worked for us because it pushed our son; he was already pretty advanced. And it also created a family environment for our girls. They were so splintered: ‘I'm this age, so this is my group of friends.’ And, ‘I don't connect with this sibling and this sibling is annoying.’ And what we quickly saw was that the family was restored. They began to like each other. They were each other’s friends, and it was something that was really beautiful to watch. — Meeke Addison

Show Notes: