Discovering Your Child’s Inner STAR (and Other Ideas) | Ep. 77

April 25 • Anita Gibson • 35 min

Join HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason and HSLDA Educational Consultant Anita Gibson as they discuss a chapter Anita has written in Homeschooling Black Children in the U.S., a recently published anthology that provides contemporary perspectives on black homeschooling. Anita unpacks the chapter and offers heartfelt wisdom and encouragement for homeschoolers, drawing on her many years of experience as a homeschool mom and educational consultant.

When I said yes to homeschool, I thought I was sacrificing and giving up my opportunity to be a businesswoman. I loved being out in the workforce and those kinds of things, but I had to shift my perspective, so I had margin in my life to be able to meet the needs that my children had. And it’s funny because once it was over, it was like the door opened and my life picked right back up again. I got to speak. I got to write books. And I was a better Anita on the other end because of what I experienced with homeschool. Sometimes we think homeschool is just for the kids. I think it’s just as much for the parents.—Anita Gibson

Show Notes:

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