Q&A: Homeschooling 6th–8th Grade | Ep. 79

May 9 • LaNissir James & Carla Fuller

Do you have any questions about homeschooling 6th–8th grade? Join HSLDA Educational Consultants LaNissir James and Carla Fuller for a Q&A episode all about the middle school years! As veteran homeschool moms, LaNissir and Carla help answer parents’ most-asked questions, like:

  • What kind of testing should I do for my middle schooler?
  • I’m feeling stuck with my curriculum—what should I do?
  • What do I do if my child is “behind” academically?
  • How should I prepare my middle schooler for high school?
Middle schoolers are developing cognitively, but it’s not all linear. They don’t all grow and develop the capacity for certain things at the same time or at the same rate as other as other people. And sometimes there are gaps. And so we wait for them to mature a little in certain areas, and we build them up in those areas that they are doing well so that that they have a sense of success.—Carla Fuller

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