Understanding Remote Education Programs Offered by Public Schools | Ep. 71

Episode 71  •  January 24, 2022  •  Interview with Tj Schmidt

What are the legal and practical implications of remote education programs offered by the public schools, and how do they differ from private homeschooling? Join HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason and HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt as they clear up various misunderstandings surrounding these remote education programs.

As the parents, we have the opportunity to provide a homeschooling program that's tailored to their needs and abilities, and their strengths and weaknesses. I think the public school programs, unfortunately, are directed at control of both the education and curriculum, and the method of how it’s provided. And while some parents find it meets their needs, most parents find they’re not going to have the flexibility that they really need to meet the needs of their child in a public school program.— Tj Schmidt