Parenting Teens with Confidence and Joy | Ep. 51

Episode 51  •  June 21, 2021  •  Interview with Connie Albers

When you think about parenting teens, do the words “confidence” and “joy” come to mind? Join Faith Berens (HSLDA Special Needs Consultant) and Connie Albers (speaker and author of Parenting Beyond the Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and Joy!) for an encouraging conversation about parenting teens in today’s world. They will discuss some of the tough issues that teens face, the power of listening, encouragement for parents with a broken or hurting relationship with their teen, and more!

“There comes a point where we cannot make our children do what we think we can make them do. We can make them be home at a curfew time. But the minute there's an opportunity to find a loophole, they're finding it. What we're going after is the heart. We're going after a relationship.” — Connie Albers